Your report will broadly follo

Your report will broadly follow a case analysis report format and include the following structure:1. Executive Summary (200 words)2. Introduction and case overview (500 words)3. Case Analysis and (1000 words)*4. Conclusion (300 words)*The case analysis section requires a critical Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of the case study including additional critical Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of the topic through use of recent scholarly research. More details will be communicated in the tutorial/workshop.Criteria for Grading Group Report:? Follows a correct report writing structure? Includes an Executive Summary (an accurate one page summary of the main points addressed within the report)? Body (Covers all the required areas, is well planned and written, demonstrates a sound grasp of the background knowledge, demonstrated the ability to collect and articulate information in accordance with relevant theoretical concepts).? Conclusion? Shows critical thinking and analytical ability.? Substantiates all arguments or findings presented.? Is adequately documented where appropriate.? Presentation (Well written, presented professionally, grammar, expression and sentence structure).? References (Range, quality and number of references)? Complies with the Harvard System of notation or citation(e.g. use of surname and year in paragraph)? Uses paraphrasing and avoids direct quotes..

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