World War II European Theater

World War II European Theater Students are required to write a research paper not less than 10 and not more than 15 pages that examines an aspect of American military history. Research Paper must have a minimum of five sources external to the course. In addition, at least half of the sources must be published books (i.e., not internet sites, although electronic books are good). The research paper topic must be pre-approved by the instructor.Students written assignment grade will be based upon the following: ?? Integration of key concepts (demonstrate clear understanding of key concepts from the course, integrate and apply concepts to a real conflict situation) ?? analytical quality (critical thinking, ability to contrast and compare ideas, arrive at conclusions and supports arguments) ?? assignment focus (meets the required objectives set forth in the assignment) ?? presentation (Chicago Manual of Style format correctly used, clarity, organization, grammar, and spelling) Students are required to email in the topic for approval and an outline of the paper ? see assigned dates in class schedule. :

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