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Why is good listening important for both the audience and speaker? Provide two real or hypothetical examples of situations in which good listening was not employed and analyze the examples using a listening checklist to illustrate what went wrong. 2.- Describe a speech or presentation where speaker volume was a problem (exclude examples of malfunctioning PA systems). How did this experience affect your bias concerning the topic and speaker? Why is it important to consider and ensure appropriate voice volume pitch rate pauses variety pronunciation articulation and dialect when preparing a speech? You may draw on real-lifeWhy is good listening important experiences or create a hypothetical scenario to complete this discussion. 3.- Describe a real-life scenario in which the speaker?s visual aids might detract from the desired audience response. Be specific in explaining what went wrong with the visual aids and suggest alternative visual aids to remedy the situation. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the visual aids you might use in an upcoming speech. 4.- Distinguish between informative and persuasive speaking. What specifically is the difference between the two and how can persuasive speaking potentially be more difficult?”

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