Why going to college is important

Importance of going to collegeThe current global economy has necessitated the need of college education? competition in all sectors has been experienced across the world. According to Vandermuenel, one of the basic needs in the current world is the need to gain experience, skills and knowledge. College education provides a higher level of training, as well as building professionalism to the student. In the past years, secondary education was adequately enough to enable an individual to secure a promising job, but in the current world, technical fields have emerged. These technical fields require well trained professionals, and thus the need for college education.Dorothy & wood (744-756) found out that, competition in the work place is another driver as to why people seek college education. Promotions and reward systems are nowadays based on the level of education, the more knowledge and skills one has the more pay they get. Some individuals derive some ego and self-esteem through education. Industries are currently changing from manufacturing to service industries. This transition can be successfully only when the right knowledge and qualifications are observed. Most manufacturing jobs are manual and technical, while service providing jobs majorly depend on the cognitive and intellectual capacity of the service provider. This calls for credibility and professionalism, which can only be acquired through college education.Most corporate managers and directors are seeking to employ qualified personnel who will be very efficient and effective in performance delivery. These qualified personnel are equipped from colleges and it is evident that education increases employability (James, 98-102). World economies are faced with scarce employment opportunities, which have resulted to unemployment. To reduce the level of unemployment, entrepreneurship education has been proposed in schools. Students will be able to acquire entrepreneurial education and skills which will enable them establish and run businesses and become self- employed.Besides education being offered in colleges, people interact and create networks. Different people from devise locations meet in colleges, where different cultures and norms are brought together, which eventually enhance peaceful co-existence between cultures and races.Going to college is more than just getting a degree or passing exams, it is more of a development of your life skills, how to be mature and independent in decisions making. According to James (98-102) College graduates feel respected and have a sense of security, the society looks up to them for development. Career development and ambitions are facilitated through college education and training, political careers, for instance, are developed in college, this is where a line of specialty is chosen and professionalism natured.Personal desires and dreams are achieved through tertiary education, where college students are able to distinguish and choose their areas of interest from the various careers that are in place. Talents are also achieved in colleges, for instance, fashion and design, music, creativity and art are developed, these fields have produced prominent people in the world.The world has become global; this is evident in the technological advances experienced, which emerged from technical education. These highlight how education is important. It is therefore necessary to acquire new knowledge and skills about the upcoming technologies. Experts in technical fields, for example, in engineering need more education to make them competitive to fit in the dynamic world of technology.It has been argued by Dorothy &wood (744-756) that, the requirements and qualifications needed for various jobs has driven people in colleges to seek for expertise knowledge. With the rising competition and scarce resources, employment opportunities across the world are very scarce, thus people also need to be very competitive so as to increase their job marketability.Investing without appropriate skills and knowledge, might be risky. Even though an individual with a lot of money perceives education as unnecessary, he is wrong. For investment to be viable and productive, investment knowledge and skills are required in order to make reliable and correct decisions.Career development is facilitated through further training and exposures, job promotions are currently very competitive and individuals are going for advanced education so as to increase their capabilities.However, although college education is so important, there are criticisms about it. Vandermuenel argues that, students waste a lot of time in college. The time lost could have been used doing other important things. He continues to criticize, education by focusing on the financial costs and the strains of getting fees and other requirements for students.Some colleges are providing low quality education and have no regard to the futures and career development of the students. Such colleges are interested in money making and not the welfare of the students. The credibility of such students is very questionable and they may face serious consequences, they never anticipated could come their way. Exam cheating is another setback to college education in which students get false results. Such students may have the qualifications but not the knowledge and skills to perform a task.Choosing the wrong career path creates a consequence that can never be reversed in life, as a result of this; an individual will be forced in to a wrong career path (James, 98-102). Students may be influenced by peers or lecturers to undertake easy causes which will not be marketable or influential in their lives.Scarce employment opportunities may discourage advanced education. Students might prefer to venture into other activities than wasting financial resources and time on getting knowledge that will be irrelevant in their lives. Culture and moral erosion is experienced in colleges. When people from different cultures and morals meet, some cultures will dominate others, furthermore morals may be ruined.The importance of college education outweighs its? setbacks. Very influential people are victorious because they invested in education. Education is the determinant of the future of a nation. Economies, institutions, corporations, and all professional fields require educated people who have knowledge and skills and who will be able to be credible and vey effective. Dorothy & Wood (744-756) found out that, although college education is expensive, rewards and benefits to be realized from a good career afterwards are encouraging.CITED WORKDorothy, Skierkowski, and Wood Rebecca M. ?To Text Or Not To Text? The Importance Of Text Messaging Among College-Aged Youth.? Computers In Human Behavior 28.(n.d.): 744-756. ScienceDirect. Web. 20 Sept. 2012.James, William. ?The Social Value Of The College-Bred[43].? 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