What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?Refer to the additional materials I uploaded. Review and consider all details of the case and develop an action plan. Assume you are the elected president of the local restaurant association and develop a plan of action and outline for an address to the city council. The plan of action needs to ADDRESS THE FOLLOWING;1. Issues you will need to consider as you prepare your statement for the city council.2. The message that will a majority of the community will support and the message that they will oppose. Also include what steps could be taken to minimize opposition.3. The organizations and/or individuals that you would need to consult or the resources you would need to adequately research any information you present.4. Your preferred media coverage and the reasoning for that preference.This assignment puts you in the shoes of an owner/operator that has to make a clear decision based on an unfortunate incident prompting possible detrimental legislation. The decision is whether you will take steps to support the action, find a means to ?compromise?, or fight the regulation outright. You will not be evaluated on your actual decision. You will be evaluated on your support of your decision. You have to ?live with? what you decide, but you need to be able to adequately support and rationalize that decision.Note, though you are essentially addressing the city council as a representative of the local businesses, the assignment needs to be in essay form describing the letter and responding to the above prompts. Describe and support your reasoning for what you would include in the letter and why. Do not forget to make an alternate suggestion for a plan of action if you disagree with the planned legislation.After the highly publicized death of a college student, a local sports bar in your town lost its liquor license for 60 days. The student had consumed 21 shots of alcohol on his birthday and later died in his dorm room from alcohol poisoning. The bar was crowded, and because the shots had been purchased by a variety of friends of the victim, the bar manager and staff were not aware of the impending problem. Subsequently, the college?s student newspaper published editorials warning against the perils of binge drinking and accused the management of the facility of negligence or indifference.Sorrow in the community and outrage in the local press prompted the mayor of the city in which you operate your own Italian restaurant/pizzeria to propose a local ordinance banning the sale of more than three drinks per day to any individual. A drink, under the ordinance, would be defined as a 12-ounce beer, a 4-ounce glass of table wine, or a 1-1/2-ounce shot of liquor. Violators would face a fi ne of $5,000 per incident. Enforcement would fall to the local police. It is widely known in the community that the mayor, generally a strong promoter of business, is a nondrinker, and support for the ordinance is strong because of the accident.As the elected president of your local restaurant association, you have been asked to address the proposed ordinance at the next meeting of the city council. Develop a plan of action and outline for your address to the city council. In your essay, answer the following four questions:1. What issues will you consider as you prepareyour statement to the city council?2. What message do you believe the majority ofcitizens in your community will support?3. Where will you turn for advice and counsel inpreparing your statement?4. Will it make a difference to you if you knowthat the local television station will cover thecouncil meeting?

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