what motivates the employees in a small company.

what motivates the employees in a small company.Order Descriptionyou are currently doing placement in a night pup in Birmingham, UK. You need to do some primary and secondary research to complete your report. You may make a questionnaire and interview to support your report. Through the exploration of an issue that you chossed: what motivates the employees in a small company. You will demonstrate your ability to identify matters of importance to the organization, explore them, and make practical solutions for improvement, exercising your interpersonal, analytical, problem-solving and verbal and written communication skills throughout. These are all sophisticated employability skills that will be evidenced in the final production of this project.You are required to:Critically analyze an issue in your organization using relevant theories and/or techniques from one or more of the disciplines you are studying and recommend appropriate actions for the organization. This may relate to the direct area in which you are working, to a wider part of the organization, or to the organization as a whole.

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