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Where does the water cycle gets its energy from? the water cycle gets the energy from the sun. why do we need the water cycle? since 97% of the earth is covered by salt water we can not drink it. we can remove salt from water but it could be very expensive. how does water get into oceans? when clouds can?t hold any more water it comes as precipitation and lands in the ocean. what is the water cycle made up of? it is made up of six different traits. condensationinfiltrationrunoff evaporation precipitationand transportation. The water cycleWater cycle has limited amount of water that goes around and around that is what you call the WATER CYCLE?.the cycle is made up of a few main parts. evaporation-when the sun heats up the water and turns it to vapor or steam and rises up to the air.condensation-water vapor in the air gets cold and changes back to liquid form.precipitation-when there?s so much water in the cloud that it couldn?t hold it any more so comes out as rainsleetsnowand hail.collection- when water comes backs down on earth as precipitation and goes back to lake?s rivers or oceans . If it falls on land then the earth soaks it up and it will become Ground Water?. thats when the water cycle starts all over againwhat I learned about the water cycle is that starts over and over again and that it gives us clean water to drink because if we didn?t have the water cycle we would have probably died already or be paying a lot of money just to filtrate the water. The water cycle has four main stages which are ; evaporationcondensationprecipitationand collection.the water cycle only has limited amount of water thats why we have a water cycle because it starts over and over again. Again if we didn?t have water we wouldn?t be alive and the earth wouldn?t exist right now.we interfere with the water cycle by taking away a lot of fresh water and deleting a lot of water supp.”

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