Walmart (Fortune 500 Co.) Good or bad choice for employment

Walmart (Fortune 500 Co.) Good or bad choice for employmentResearch FormalProposal Report: Walmart (A Fortune 500 company): Good Choice or Bad Choice of Employment. The purpose of this report is to provide a research report as to if this company is a good or bad employment choice. (MasterPaper writer: you provide the 5 pages of the body with supporting data and the works cited. 1. Reveal at least three major areas of this company [that would be relevant to deciding if this is a good or bad employment choice]. 2. Give relevant statistics about this company. 3. Provide at least 5 different references in MLA style From research materials (databases, books, periodicals, and journals) in MLA style (Web references limited to 2)4. Write and format the body of the report in a formal proposal report format.This paper will be scanned for plagiarism.Contact me if you have any questions or concerns: Derek cell: 216-403-9315I am paying top price for content and quality. :

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