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1. Understand the principles and requirements of assessment. 1.1 Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development. An assessment has to be carried out to show that learning is taking place. The initial assessment will show me the learner?s knowledge skills and capability in the hairdressing industry. The easiest and most effective way to show their understanding is by demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the criteria that has been given. This can then help me and the learners to see if they have fully understood and if not is should encourage the learner to ask questions.Understanding the principles and practises of assessment Sometimes a learner will need guidance to understand what exactly they have to learn and if they are on track and how they can improve their skills/ techniques. For this to be effective it means that a thorough assessment will need to take place. Formative assessment is where a focus on monitoring the learner?s progress and response to instruction is taken place. This will allow me to observe the learners progress and then give feedback to the learner starting with positive first leading into the more negative feedback where I can then give information derived from the assessment to help improve the next time. Feedback is key and can be given in writing or oral. Learners can also do self assessments to reflect and monitor their progress. summative assessment take place at the end of an unit this will help me find the right method for obtaining information about what has been learnt and provides me with information about a student?s achievement of specific units. This can be done by getting the learner to create a project on a specified aspect of hairdressing e.g. colouring hair. This will then give me an understanding of the individual learner?s performance and understanding of the criteria that needs to be covered. Summative assessment is more formal and can be done through assessments exams professional discussion to confirm learner?s achievement. 1.2 define the key concepts and principles of assessment Assessment is carried out to evaluate that learning has taken place. Assessment used as a progress of making judgements are important as it helps me to measure where the learner is at and also measures the attainment of knowledge and skills in the unit that is being assessed. It also helps me to ensure that learners are learning the right criteria. Learners should know why they are being assessed and what they have to do to meet the assessment criteria. I should not assess the learner unless they are ready to be assessed. The validity of the learners work means that the work that is being produced is relevant to what is being assessed and it meets the right criteria for the certain level. To ensure reliability of the learner the work must remain consistent across all learners over a period of time. Evidence is key as it can determine the decision that is being made by me. Ensuring that the learner is doing the work and this it is kept up to date. The anticipated outcome of assessment is that the learner will complete assessments of city and guild standards within the time frame given with no assistance and show through answering questions so that they have full understanding of the subject. Evidence should be authentic the only way I can gather authentic evidence is by observing so I can witness the learner working. This work has to be produced solely by the learner. Sufficient work is important to ensure the work that is being assessed covers the requirements at that time. Benchmarking can help inform target setting for learners. If targets are not met the learners work will need evaluating so improvements can be implemented. Learners work needs to be current to ensure the learners are producing work that is relevant to the time of assessment. Work can be evaluated to inform current and future practise. Assessment has to remain fair consistent and valid to ensure all learners have equal and fair chance of receiving fair assessment. By following the awarding body?s criteria when all judgements are made about a learner?s performance it will ensure all assessment is marked to the same criteria to be fair with learners. My own interpretation and understanding of assessment requirements is important. It includes the transparency of making sure everyone who is involved in the assessment process clearly understands what is expected and can see there is nothing untoward taking place. It is key that I am honest and open with the learners so they do not feel that they have achieved more than they have whilst under assessments. 1.3 explain the responsibilities of the assessor. My main role as an assessor will be to plan and carry out assessment according to the requirements of the qualification and specification of city and guilds. One of my responsibilities is to decide if an assignment having been completed by the learner has reached the required standard if it falls short of this then it is my responsibility to assist the learner in the understanding of the subject. To safeguard against standards failing my evaluation is then checked by and I.V assessing both learner and myself. We both must maintain and improve the assessment process as they will then be assessed by an E.V. During planning my assessments for the learner it needs to be consistent and fair. I need to take into account individual needs of learners. An assessment could be an observation test or questioning and when devising my own assessment I need to make sure it is at a level of achievements of that learner. There should always be a reason for my assessment so then I can find out if the learner is ready to progress further. It is important I communicate with the learners so I can inspire and motivate them. I also need to provide feedback to the learners so that they can improve where needed. I should always remain professional and know my boundaries not getting too friendly. Also I should be fair and ethical towards the learners with no favouritism. While carrying out assessments I need to make a right decision and be fair towards the learners.”

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