Topic: SOCIAL CHANGEThe missio

Topic: SOCIAL CHANGEThe mission of Walden University is social change, and this is obviously an important aspect of public health as well. Walden defines positive social change as the intentional application of ideas and strategies that promote each individual?s personal value and dignity. The impact of positive social change is the improvement of the health and quality of life for individuals and an improvement in social conditions that empower these individuals.Social change also applies to communities and organizations. As a public health professional, you can be a role model advancing social change within your organization. As an ethical scholar-practitioner, you have the ability to influence positive social change.This week, you will consider how you are advancing social change within your practicum setting.I AM CONDUCTING MY PRACTICIM AT THE MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH IN THE FIELD OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH. I AM FOCUSING ON FOOD SAFETY, PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS OF EATING ESTABLISHMENTS SUCH AS RESTAURANTS, SCHOOLS, DELI, RV PARKS, GAS STATIONS AND GROCERY STORES TO NAME A FEW. ALSO, I PERFORM WASTEWATER SYSTEMS EVALUATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS.PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.ApplicationSocial ChangeReview Walden?s mission for social change, which is available online at Next, write a 2- to 3-page paper reflecting on your practicum experience to date. Include the following in your paper:?How has your practicum experience embraced or failed to embrace this mission of social change??Describe how you were able to apply ideas, strategies, and actions to promote the health of the community. Include in your description the role ethics played in your practicum experience.?If you were not able to further Walden?s mission of social change, what was lacking from the opportunity??What future opportunities do you see for the agency and for you to make worthwhile social change in the arena of public health?Category: Editing

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