Topic: PapersPlease write me b

Topic: PapersPlease write me between 500-700 words with references about mental health diseases, read the guideline file to understandmore, I want you too to make a poster about mental health( examples provided in the file) , you can use week 4 lectures assources for you so you will understand the problem more so you can express it.Please use the narrative writing style NOT academic ( As example shown) , Please write above every paragraph the topic forit ( example : introduction / reflection / conclusion).PLEASE DO NOT PARAPHRASE THE EXAMPLES JUST USE IT AS GUIDELINE FOR WRITING .Please check the picture attached as they from the text book, try to find the text book in the internet and read from pages172-186 so you will understand the mental health issues , ADD the text book as reference and use it please.In addition submission of a 500-700 word written statement that supports the theory behind your evocative production anddemonstrates your intention is required.The poster in JPG file highest definition and NOT hand sketch ( check examples please ) .I want you to add 4 references for the ( 500-700 words) included the text book, and if you use any online picture for posterplease add the references in a deferent sheet so I can present it.

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