Topic: Assignment 2Please note

Topic: Assignment 2Please note that the subject area is Occupational Health and SafetyLearning Outcomes? Analyse the safety case regimeTasksYou are an OSH Consultant running your own business. XYZ, a major international offshore oil production company has contactedyou and asked you to prepare a report that explains the safety case regime relevant here in Australia.Your task is to prepare and submit a report to XYZ that provides an overview of the safety case regime. This could includedetails such as a little history, brief information on the regulator and relevant legislation and explanation of what thesafety case is and contains etc.Maximum word limit is 1500 wordsLayout and Marking GuidePresentation ? 2 marksThis assessment is an academic essay so please use the following headings ?? Title Page? Content Page? Introduction? Main Body (see below for headings that should be used here)? Conclusion? Reference List? Grade Related Descriptor (Self Assessment Tool)Remember to read the General Assessment Guidelines for OSH and Environmental Health Students for instruction on how anassessment should be presented.Introduction ? 3 marks? Provide background information and set the scene for the reader? Clearly state the essays purpose? Explain how the essay will be structured (what?s in it content wise)Overview of the safety case regime ? 10 marks? Provide an overview of the safety case regimeConclusion ? 3 marks? Restate the purpose of the essay in past tense? Summarise the main points of the essay? Include a strong concluding statementReferencing ? 2 marksA minimum of 20 references is required and these need to be sourced from quality peer reviewed sources (see below forexplanation of minimum requirements).The submition wil be through turnit in.

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