Therapy ? In Old Age Agitation ? Therapy ? In Old Age

Therapy ? In Old Age Agitation ? Therapy ? In Old AgeDementia Minor Subjects: Human ; Repeated Measures ; Nursing Homes ; Random Sample ; Randomized Controlled Trials ; Pretest-Posttest Design ; Random Assignment ; Taiwan ; Chi Square Test ; T-Tests ; Aged ; Aged, 80and Over ; Male ; Female ; Descriptive Statistics ; Mann-Whitney U Test ; Clinical Assessment Tools ; Neuropsychological Tests Abstract: Objectives: This study explored the effectiveness of group music intervention against agitated behavior in elderly persons with dementia . Methods: This was an experimental study usingrepeated measurements. Subjects were elderly persons who suffered from dementia and resided in nursing facilities. In total, 104 participants were recruited by permuted block randomizationand of the 100 subjects who completed this study, 49 were in the experimental group and 51 were in the control group. The experimental group received a total of twelve 30-min group musicintervention sessions, conducted twice a week for six consecutive weeks, while the control group participated in normal daily activities. In order to measure the effectiveness of the therapeuticsessions, assessments were conducted before the intervention, at the 6th and 12th group sessions, and at 1 month after cessation of the intervention. Longitudinal effects were analyzed bymeans of generalized estimating equations (GEEs). Results: After the group music therapy intervention, the experimental group showed better performance at the 6th and 12th sessions, and at 1month after cessation of the intervention based on reductions in agitated behavior in general, physically non-aggressive behavior, verbally non-aggressive behavior, and physically aggressivebehavior, while a reduction in verbally aggressive behavior was shown only at the 6th session. Conclusions: Group music intervention alleviated agitated behavior in elderly persons withdementia . We suggest that nursing facilities for demented elderly persons incorporate group music intervention in routine activities in order to enhance emotional relaxation, create inter-personal interactions, and reduce future agitated behaviors. Journal Subset: Biomedical; Europe; Online/Print; Peer Reviewed; UK & Ireland Special Interest: Gerontologic Care; Perioperative Care; Psychiatry/Psychology Instrumentation: Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory (CMAI) Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) (Folstein et al) ISSN: 0885-6230 MEDLINE Info: PMID: 20672256 NLM UID: 8710629 Entry Date: 20110624 Revision Date: 20120713 DOI: Accession Number: 2011167100:

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