Theoretical and Empirical Definitions of Money

Writing ProjectsEconomics/Finance 313Money and Financial InstitutionsWriting projects for Economics/Finance 313 consists of the following two parts:The purpose of this project is as follows: (1) to enhance students? ability to conduct research on economics, (2) to improve writing on contents, and (3) to apply the class learning in solving a real world problem. Term papers are sustained writing projects for the whole term. Therefore, students should plan well and produce excellent papers. Students should choose a topic carefully and research thoroughly. Students may go through the following steps in producing a final paper: (1) drafting, (2) revision, and (3) copyediting and proofreading. Students may follow the format attached on a separate page.Grade will depend on quality writing, contents of research, analytical and synthesizing ability of students.Length of the paper: 7 pagesTyping: Double spaced type writtenSources: Cite sourcesThe Impact of Monetary and FiscalPolicies on the Michigan Economy(Student?s chosen topic)I. IntroductionJustification of the paper.Students may review the recent developments on the topic area and describe the importance of the subject.II. Review of the Literature1. Review the literature.2. Identify student?s own area of research interests.3. Students may add their own new theory or belief.III. Model or Formulation of HypothesesStudents may build a model based on the theory reviewed and formulate testable hypotheses. A Hypothesis can be a statement of a theory or belief.Examples: The quantity demanded rises as prices fall.An increase in money supply raises GNP.I believe the earth is round.I believe the earth is flat.IV. Empirical ResultsGather relevant data and facts to demonstrate whether or not the hypotheses are valid.Explain the process of data gathering, modification of the data and testing of the model.Students may choose rigorous statistical methods or graphical demonstrations.V. Discuss (check for the help you need)ions1. Discuss (check for the help you need) students? findings in the above section.2. Interpret the findings.VI. ConclusionsDraw conclusions.Summarize: (1) what was your research about(2) findings(3) implications and recommendationsSee examples of my papers and other articles at the library. They are on reserve under my name.VII. Citations: cite sources..

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