The topic for this Major assignment has a focus on the measurement of disaster resilience in a community.

The topic for this Major assignment has a focus on the measurement of disaster resilience in a community.Details of task: The topic is in three parts.Part 1: Review the Characteristics of a Disaster Resilient Community, using the Australian National Strategy for Disaster Resilience and the key references in Sector B. Select and justify what you feel are the 6 key characteristics of a Disaster Resilient Community.Part 2: Compare and contrast 3 of the models for measuring disaster resilience in a community which were outlined in Sector C ie Torrens Institute Model, cutter?s Model and the ?PEOPLES? Model. Identify:a. The strengths and weaknesses of each of the 3 models chosen; b. Which model best reflects the 6 key characteristics of a Disaster Resilient Community that you identified in Part 1 and then use this chosen model in Part 3.Part 3: Using the Model you chose in Part 2, suggest how you would implement that model to measure disaster resilience in EITHER:a) The communities affected by the Victorian Floods of 2010/11 (Comrie report) Your own community in your respective country. (Saudi Arabia).SECTOR BCharacteristics of a disaster resilience community (A work in progress) ? Twigg, 2009 Thornley et al Building community resilience: learning from the Canterbury earthquakes (NZ) (2014) RAND model ? Building blocks for a resilience city Building Community Resilience to Disasters (2011) Rockefeller model ? ?100 Resilient Cities Project? Constant Learning o Rapid Rebound o Limited or Safe Failure o Flexibility o Spare CapacityFramework report (2013) CMeasuring resilience ? are the tools there? ? Torrence Institute (SA) Developing tools to measure resilience o How connected o Level of risk and vulnerability o Support for preparedness, response, recovery o EM resources available ? Cutter S at al, Disaster Resilience Indicators for Benchmarking Baseline Conditions ? PEOPLES Model (Buffalo, USA) DEVELOPING THE ?PEOPLES? RESILIENCE FRAMEWORK FOR DEFINING ANDMEASURING DISASTER RESILIENCE AT THE COMMUNITY SCALE POPULATION AND DEMOGRAPHICS ENVIRONMENTAL/ECOSYSTEM ORGANIZED GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE LIFESTYLE AND COMMUNITY COMPETENCE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL-CULTURAL CAPITAL ? DISASTER RESILIENCE MEASUREMENTS: STOCKTAKING OF ONGOING EFFORTS IN DEVELOPING SYSTEMS FOR MEASURING RESILIENCE. UNDP February 2014 ? Measuring Community Resilience and Recovery: A Content Analysis of Indicators. Elizabeth Jordan1 and Amy Javernick-Will 2012 ? Health Indicators of disaster risk management in the Context of the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development Initial findings from a WHO Expert Consultation: 17-18 May 2012 ? India India city profile: climate and disaster resilience slides in this link for Task 2 part 1 in slide number 27 there are 12 key characteristics choose 6 of them as mention in the question which are as follow :1. Basic human needs People 2. Livelihoods & employment 3. Health and emergency services 4. Mobility & communications Place 5. Critical services 6. Protective infrastructure 7. Finance & founds Organization8. Social stability & security 9. Identity & mutual support 10. Leadership & management Knowledge 11. Stakeholder empowerment 12. Development planning :

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