The Purposes of Lifelong Learning

The Purposes of Lifelong LearningThis is for Adult (andragogy) education.The professional experience to be drawn from is in training adults on multiple software application packages in a commercial & government environment, mostly within health software industry (administrative & clinical software), but can include other industries.Type: Assignment ? Written Assignment on ?The Purposes of Lifelong Learning?The concept of lifelong learning has always been central to adult and vocational education. Technical and Further Education (TAFE) was developed in the 1970?s as a provision of education not only for the initial preparation of skills for the Australian workforce, but for learningthroughout life. Similarly, lifelong learning has long been associated with individuals? personal development or continuing education to advance or change careers. That is, it had a strong focus on personal and personally-directed development. However, in recent years, the concept of lifelong learning has come to be viewed as a form of education to maintain individuals? currency of their vocational practice throughout their work lives, in order to achieve important economic goals of sustaining national competitiveness and standards of living. For some commentatorsthis view represents a narrowing of the purposes and valuing of lifelong learning. For others, this represents a focus on individuals? vocation and its ongoing development throughout their working life.Task: (2500 words)Drawing on examples from your professional experience, make a case for what you believe should be the purposes of lifelong learning and its relationship to vocational education.Your response needs to include:? a critical account of conceptions of lifelong learning;? a Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of vocations and their relationship to working lives; and? a case in which you propose a view about the educational worth of the current conception oflifelong learning and the purposes of vocational education.Criteria & Marking:1. Conceptions of lifelong learning (/20)The mark allocated will be according to the:? comprehensiveness of the accounts of lifelong learning and? strength of your analysis of its purposes and conceptions.2. Vocations and working lives (/35)The mark allocated will be according to the:? breadth of considerations of vocations and working life and? analysis of relationship between vocations and working lives.3. Educational worth of lifelong learning and vocational education (/35)The mark allocated will be according to the:? strength of case about the worth of lifelong learning and? comprehensiveness of support for your position.4. Presentational style and references (/10)The mark allocated will be according to the:? quality of the written work and the structure and presentation of the paper;? use of a consistent reference system; and? quality of grammar and punctuation.!

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