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Ho Ching is one of the world most influential female leaders in the business industry. Based on the mini case and the given that influences described as the degree of actual change in a target?s behaviors I would say that I would describe Ho Ching as an influential leader. Ho Ching not only plays a major influence to Singapore?s leading companies but is also CEO of Temasek Holdings where she has many changes which have been beneficial by pushing more open policy and taking Temasek Holdingsand expanding the Asian market by introducing in to India. After the controversyThe Prime Minister?s Powerful Better Half that came about from her becoming CEO of Temasek Holdings and being the spouse of the Prime Minister Ho gave a speech where she used Rational Persuasion and Inspirational appeals. In her speech she made logical arguments and at the same time aroused emotion in her audience by speaking about her personal relationship with her husband. Forbes and Asia?s Most Powerful Business People have recognized Ho Ching as one of the most powerful leaders and women. Ho?s major sources of power have been the expert power Ho is very knowledgeable and educated being a Stanford-educated electrical and a government scholar. Referent power is another one of Ho?s sources of power since she is the wife of the Prime ministers well as overseeing a portfolio worth over $50 billion and being the influence of many of Singapore?s leading companies. Being CEO of Temasek Holdings has given Ho legitimate and reward power. From the reading my perspective of Ho Ching?s motives are to be active and assertive to exercise influence over subordinates and her willingness to do routine administrative tasks. Based on the case managerial differences based on gender do seem to have taken part. As the study showed females female managers were more likely to act with the organization?s broad interests in mind consider how others felt about the influence attempt involve others in planning and focus on both the task and interpersonal aspects of the situation and those are traits that Ho Ching has showed during her leadership. Reference: Richard L. hughes Robert C. Ginnett Gordon J. Curphy (2009). Leadership. Enhancing the Lessons of Experience. Sixth Edition”

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