“The Jacques Family Case Study”

Social Work masters coursework pertaining to ?The Jacques Family Case Study?Family Engagement Assignment (20 pts) ? (2-3 pgs. MAX)Go back to Ch. 2 in Family Assessment Handbook ? author,Barbara Thomlison ? The Jacques Family Case StudyRead the Jacques Family Case Study (p. 181) and respond to the following:1. Complete an Internet search to identify what is known about intimate partner violence from a theoretical and assessment perspective and provide sources that you located and will use for this assignment.2. What assumptions are you making about this family? Provide data, information and observations to draw your perspective about family members.3. How would you go about engaging the family in tx?4. With what parts of the family system would you work?5. Create a plan for engaging the family and discuss in a just a few paragraphs.6. Identify cultural variables that may affect the quality of communication and family engagement.7. How would you address these challengesWHAT IS YOUR BUDGET? CHAT LIVE WITH OUR CREDIT CONTROLLER NOW AND GIVE US YOUR BUDGET AND WE WILL GIVE FAVORABLE RATES TO YOU

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