The important information about submission and code specifics

Assignment 1NOTE: The important information about submission and code specifics at the end of thisassignment specification.IntroductionA situation exists by which your client (me) requires the ability to store and process textfiles. A class called TextLL has to be implemented and will be composed of a sequenceof tokens.The internal data structure that underpins each TextLL instance will be a linked list, andeach element of the list will be stored in a Node class, which will contain a stringvalue, representing a word.Assignment TaskYou are required to use a linked list, as Discuss (check for the help you need)ed in lectures, to create your ownimplementation of the TextLL class. You will initially implement a class calledLinkedList that uses instances of Node to store instances of value_type (in thisassignment, each Node will be used to store a single string). A TextLL object willcontain a private instance of LinkedList and provide the necessary wrapper code tocontrol and manipulate it.Your TextLL class will implement the following member functions:??Constructors, which return an empty TextLL, or use an argument-providedarray of integers to initialise the TextLL on creation.o TextLL () ? Creates an instance that does not contain any textdata.o TextLL (string fileName) ? Creates an instance and storesthe file?s content in the instance.??int size() ? Returns a count of the number of words in the TextLL.??Overloaded concatenation operator (i.e. ?+=?). The result of use of thisoperator is that the TextLL arguments are concatenated and the answer isstored in the left argument.??Overloaded remove all operator (i.e. ?-=?). The result of use of thisoperator is that all occurrences of the RHS argument are removed from theLHS argument and the answer is stored in the left argument. Note: theoccurrences are for the entire RHS argument, NOT each of its wordsindividually.??Overloaded output operator (i.e. ?<

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