The Humanistic Tradition

The Humanistic Tradition Project description Book: Fiero, Gloria K. The Humanistic Tradition Vol. 1. 6th ed. Chapter 8 Answer all five questions. deals with two things: Augustine?s Confessions /City of God and Buddhist/Christian architecture. Each of you will choose a couple questions to answer in addition to responding to a verse from the Koran.1.Discuss which temptation Augustine found most difficult to resist. 2.What do you think Augustine was referencing when he says that reasons eyes close with the eyes of the body. Are we responsible for what we dream? 3.Descripe the two cities?the heavenly city and the earthly city. What is the differece between the two? 4.How does Augustine relate the city of God to the ark? 5.Discuss the symbolic journey a pilgrim makes as they enter a Cathedral or a Buddhist shrine in terms of how they enter and then interact with the space (pg. 208 & 217). Pick a verse (or verses) from the Koran (pg. 230-231) and respond to it. Give your interpretation of what it means and contrast it with your own belief system. Is it similar or dissimilar? Do this respectfully please.Grading Criteria: All questions are answered completely; posts are of a sufficient length as to thoroughly round out your ideas (at least a paragraph for inital post). proper netiquette is observed; format is followed; few grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. :

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