?The Fish??A Blessing??My Papa

?The Fish??A Blessing??My Papa?s Waltz??Lady Lazarus??The Blue Bowl??Most Like an Arch This Marriage?Unit 1 will cover, in detail, how to write an explication essay. In brief, ?in an explication essay, you examine a work in much detail. Line by line, stanza by stanza?you explain each part as fully as you can and show how the author?s techniques produce your response. An explication is essentially a demonstration of your thorough understanding of a work? (Literature: The Human Experience 47).For this particular essay, you will want to focus on the poetic techniques of diction, tone, image, and/or figurative language, which we will also cover in this unit.Your essay must be between 500 and 750 words and adhere to MLA formatting. It needs to quote directly from your chosen text for support, but it should not use any secondary research.Remember that the explication essay should not just summarize the poem.It needs to look at the different elements of poetry used and offer a detailed explanation of the poem that also addresses the poem?s overall effect and meaning.Essay 1 Rough Draft Complete: You have submitted to the assignment folderDetailed instructions for Essay 1 can be found under Content, ?Unit 1? module. Also see attached for prompts.For this assignment, after having completed a full rough draft of a complete essay ? remember you have to post the full draft for peer review, submit to your instructor a complete introduction and first full body paragraph.You do not need to submit the entire rough draft here. Your instructor will work with these two paragraphs (along with your submission in the ?Peer Review? Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion questions section of the course) to gauge if your essay is heading in the right direction and provide you with feedback that will best help you revise the final draft.(This does not mean, by the way, that you should have written these two paragraphs on their own without the context of the rest of the essay.)Apply your instructor?s feedback on these two paragraphs to other paragraphs of your essay. The idea here is not that your instructor will fix all of your errors for you, but rather that you will begin to recognize errors yourself ? and how to best correct them.Your instructor takes account that your work here is in progress and not your final product.Attach document as a .docx, .doc, or .rtf file.Due Feb 1, 2015 11:00 PMAssignment Essay 1 Final Draft Complete: You have submitted to the assignment folderDetailed instructions for Essay 1 can be found under Content, ?Unit 1? module. Also see attached for prompts.Attach full essay (between 500-750 words) as a .docx, .doc, or .rtf file.Don?t forget to include a Works Cited page with entry for poem (as last page of document).Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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