The Female Gaze Real Women Have Curves (2002)

TaskPlease go to and watch the clip from Real Women Have Curves from 1:12 to 6:44. Once you have done so, in a two page essay, apply the follow components of the Female Gaze to the clip:1. The woman possesses the gaze2. The woman is in control of her sexualityCite specific examples from the clip and give an in depth analysis of how these examples demonstrate the components of the Female Gaze listed above.Resources: Lecture Notes, The Female Gaze by Eileen Kelly, and the YouTube Clip Font: 12 pt. Times New RomanPage Length: 2 pages, double spaceCover Page: Print this page and attach it to your is a professional assignment writing agency which provides students of all levels of study with 100% custom written essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, coursework, book reviews, homework, book reports, presentations, projects and other assignments. Our team of writers is made of more than 100 expert Ph.D. and masters experienced academic writers. Click the Order Button Now to have a 100% plagiarism free paper on any topic, discipline and deadline.

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