The Effects of Teenage Relationships Essay Help

Different relationships affect teenagers in various ways. Friends impact teenagers almost the same amount as their parents. Teenagers go to their friends for help or to ask questions that they could not ask their parents about. Most of the time their friends give them good advice but then there is the down side when they put pressure on their friends to do something like to smoke drink and do drugs. In most cases they tell their friends how to dress and act when around certain people. Love relationships just make it even harder for a teenager to getThe Effects of Teenage Relationships a good education. Some start to fail in school because they are hanging out with their boyfriend or girlfriend instead of doing their work. Throughout adolescence teenagers are positively and negatively impacted by several relationships such as friends family and love relationships. Friends have a big influence on teenagers because they can say and do many of things to teenagers who think they were friends. They also start rumors and take their friends girlfriend or boyfriend and have them cheat on their friend. Some go out to drink smoke or to do drugs just to have fun but some think of driving home and most teenagers do not even make it to their driveways. Some teenagers who are so depressed about their social problems even think about committing suicide. Most start to hurt others turn into goth?s? by dressing in all black. Many of depressed people show how they feel by dressing differently by acting out and hurting others in school. Parents have a big influence on teenagers because their children look up to them and 90% of them grow up to act and do things just like their parents did with them. Teenagers who have parents that are in jail or do drugs do not always have a good education or a household. Children who have experienced a family break-up may have lower achievements than children brought-up in an intact family? (Ernisch). Some even get into trouble and end up with their parents in jail. Many teenagers pass away every year from doing drugs because they copy what their parents do like for example a big one is going out to sell drugs. Research says Additionally it is shown in research that a parent?s failures are also associated with a number of other disadvantageous outcomes for having a higher risk of unemployment smoking psychological distressed in early adulthood? (Ernisch). Families should stay intact or their teenagers will develop many problems Love relationships affect teenagers because some become less interested in their education and more with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Most teenage girls have reported about being abused by their boyfriend. As shown in an article They note that over 25 percent of adolescents are victims of dating violence or aggression and that dating violence precedes martial violence in up to 50 percent of cases?(as qtd. Teen Relationships). This is happening at young ages: The strongest risk factor for sexual intercourse is in grades 7th through 12th? (as qtd. In Teen Relationship?). Many teenagers are abused every day some die and others survive by running off with their soul mate? or every get married because of an unexpected pregnancy. Many teenagers go missing every day of the year because of these reasons. Some teenagers have search parties looking for them but most are never found and if they do 9 out of 10 times they are found dead. As previously stated teenagers are affected by many relationships which involve their friends family and their love relationships. The relationships affect them so much that most teenagers change their ideas about how they should live their lives in a different way and to change their future goals. They should be influenced to help themselves or to help others. They should also be role models for young students at school. Teenagers should get more involved with their community as stated in the first few paragraphs. If they get more involved in other activities there will most likely be a drop in teen violence. The community could be a cleaner and safer place for teenagers if they get more involved in their towns and cities. They should also volunteer for jobs like being as firefighter highway trash collector nurse that goes around and helps the elderly. If teens get involved in those jobs they would be helping the whole community.”

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