The Champion of the World,

The Champion of the World,Read The Champion of the World, by Maya Angelou (110 ? 114). It is an example of narrative (story telling) and description (colorful, specific details). Discuss one of the following prompts. Toget full credit, your original response should be at least 5 sentences, and you should respond to at least one other posting. Note: Your grade will be affected if you do not use MLA styleformatting for your paper and if you do not follow Essay Question Format (EQF) whichfail to refer to the author by full name and to the title of the story in quotation marks in your openingsentence.What dominant impression does Angelou create of The Store? What details, in terms of time, place, and circumstance, support or develop that dominant impression? Using one or more of the Questions on Writing Strategy (p. 113 ? 114) as your prompt, write a brief (200 word) analysis (not a summary) of Maya Angelou?s essay, Champion of the World, (p.111). What main idea does her story teach us? Be sure to give two examples from the essay to explain or support your points:

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