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The Atek PC Project Management Office Case Study was assigned for this class to provide an overview of the challenges faced by management in the development and deployment of a PMO in an existing company. Based on the case study respond to the questions below incorporating not only the course reading materials but any outside research that may be relevant. Be sure to cite the authority for any research included in your response. What were the changes in AtekPC?s business environment that caused the company to introduce a PMO? Based on your assigned readings and research do The AtekPC Project Management Office these appear to be appropriate reasons for developing a PMO? Why or why not? One might be cost reduction. Another motivation to get better on projects would be that we have to get more creative adaptive and agile in launching new products. [1] The PC industry was changing and AtekPC was engaged in dealing with dramatic pressure from larger competitors such as HP Dell and Lenovo. To compete in a changing industry in which consolidation was occurring AtekPC had implemented a corporate Planning Office. Recognizing the role that IT would likely play in enabling AtekPC to respond to the industry pressures the senior vice-president had supported the creation of a PMO within IT. [1] Somewhat true but not sufficient Here are some other reasons of why we should have PMO. (of course it cannot represent everything) In mature organizations the PMO is the focal point for improvement and enhancement in project management through the implementation of the enterprise-oriented functions. Enterprise-oriented functions are intended to bolster the overall capability of the organization for long-range benefits. The enterprise functions will provide the long-term stability and backbone for the project management success. This mission is met by establishing and maintaining a project historical database by developing and disseminating project management best practices by providing training in all project management knowledge areas and by providing visibility for the value of project management to the organization. [2] Distinguish between project-focused and enterprise-oriented duties of a PMO? The specific duties of a PMO were typically divided into two categories: project-focused and enterprise-oriented. Project focused responsibilities such as consulting mentoring and training were services that enabled the success of individual projects. On the other hand enterprise responsibilities addressed services that might improve all projects such as portfolio management PM standards methods and tools and project performance archives. [1] PMO?s are more effective and can better impact the bottom line when they are operating at the corporate enterprise-wide strategic level rather than at the departmental level. Departmentally based Project Management offices are successful in their own silos but not accepted outside their span of influence and therefore are unable to influence the organization as a whole. This is because many project management offices started off from a grass roots approach. [3] A PMO that is organizationally based versus departmentally based is more likely to get executive support. After all project management should not be a departmental strategy; it should be an organizational strategy. The Enterprise PMO will oversee the management of all strategically aligned projects. [3] Describe the primary issues faced by AteKPC management under the two organizational models that were under consideration for the PMO. Explain the limitations of each of these models.”

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