STRATEGIC MANUFACTURING MANAGEMENTanalyse the Original Equipment.You are the Manufacturing Director for Clifton Industries and you have been asked by Keith Mills, the Managing Director, to make a proposal regarding the company?s future manufacturing strategy. The case represents the sum of information to hand. There is no need for you to research outside of the case, but you will have to undertake considerable numerical and analytical analysis of the case study. As in life, there are gaps in the information, redundant or unimportant information as well as data that will be critical to your recommendation. You must not allow that to prevent you from making a recommendation but where you make assumptions, you must make them explicit. You will prepare a written report for me and your team will present next week as though you are presenting to the Board of Directors. As MD, I am not interested in the theoretical background to tools. Instead, I want to see a rigorous and thorough analysis and a solid recommendation that can be implemented. Do not worry about pretty BCG diagrams or pictures of Porter?s model etc.? Analyses the Original Equiptment ? Analysis of strategy options ? Recommended strategy and analysis of the potential outcomes ? Summary:

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