Stakeholder Engagement Reflection CSG

Topic: Stakeholder Engagement Reflection CSGASSESSMENT ITEMS1) 25% Stakeholder Engagement ReflectionFinal submission by 10 September in ClassAssessment item 1: Stakeholder Engagement ReflectionObjective(s): 1, 2 & 3Weighting: 25%Due: Final submission by 10 September in Class1500 ? 2000 wordsTask: To demonstrate a critical understanding of stakeholder management and engagement and to develop aninformed interestconcerning a complex sustainability issue through an experiential stakeholderengagement activity.1. Study and research a contemporary complex sustainability problem.2. Identify stakeholder interests, explaining their goals, values and perspective.3. Listen to others with an open mind to understand their goals, values and perspective.4. To understand the relational dimensions of business.5. Collaboratively develop creative and innovative solutions for a sustainable future.The purpose of this assignment is for students to critically reflect on the challenges of stakeholder engagement andmanagement in relation to the current sustainability debate around coal seam gas. This assignment is informed by classactivities in weeks 2-6. For this assessment you are required to:a) Identify different stakeholder concerns and interests in relation to the current coal seam gas industry in Australia.Given the word limit, you might usefully do this via a table.The 8 stakeholders 1- state government2- mining company3- consumers4- communities5- farmers ? Landowners6- environmental group7- farmers association8- mining industrial body (peak body)b) Critically reflect on the structures AND processes that might enable Australia to find a path forward on this issue.In this reflection you might consider issues such as power and resources differences between the stakeholders, differentstakeholder capabilities in engaging with the issue and the overall national benefit. Your answer in part b) can be informedby the academic literature on stakeholder management in the Book of Readings and suggested readings for this course. Also,you need to draw the structure and process (read lecture 5)Book: Dunphy, D., Griffiths, A. and Benn, S. 2007. Organisational Change for Corporate Sustainability, 2nd edition,Routledge, LondonUseful sources

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