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Every business needs to make decisions. Some decisions are minor and others can be million dollar decisions. These decisions need to made with knowing all possible outcomes and knowing the risk and if its worth taking. Businesses today use different models and processes to decide what?s best for the company. The six step model process has six steps that should help a decision maker make the most optimal decision possible. These six steps are: Define the problem Identify the criteria weight the criteria Generate alternatives Rate each alternative and Compute the optimal decision ( Bazerman and MooreSix step decision model 2013). I am currently employed with the Department of family children services. Starting November 4 2013; we will be starting a new process called Business Operation Plan (BOP). This new process will improve the accuracy of cases and increase the amount of work that case managers will be able to complete. BOP will also allow the state of Georgia to work all together whether you live in north region or the south region. Clients will call one 1-800 number and can reach any case manager in the state to help them with their case. Clients will also have to scan in any documents need to process their cases. These documents will always be saved in our system and attached to that specific clients case. This will make the state of Georgia one team which is being called Georgia One. The current process that we have is mediocre at best. We currently deal with paper verification; which is very difficult to keep up with considering case managers are completing at least 200 cases a month. The current process is just not very organized and it can get frustrating from time to time. So the state of Georgia has implemented the six step model to become more efficient. The problem: cases being completed incorrectly all employees doing different amounts of work. Identify the criteria: the objective is to get more cases completed and that they are completed correctly. Weigh the criteria: Accuracy is going to weigh more than the quantity of cases that are completed. Generate alternatives: The only other option we currently have is the keep our same process implement BOP in just our county or continue to move forward with Georgia One BOP. Rate each alternative: Georgia One BOP will be the the most effective option if technology allows and workers are trained properly. the current process will only continue to delay clients receiving their benefits and over work employees implementing BOP in one county will not be looking at the bigger picture and will not help all of the clients across the state. Compute the optimal decision: Georgia One BOP is the optimal decision. It?s not going to be perfect due to some employees not being tech savvy and being able to understand the new process as quick as other employees. However there will be less errors and cases will be processed faster. That?s the ultimate goal get benefits to clients as soon as possible so they can care for their families. I?m confident the BOP process will benefit Georgia and make my day easier and more efficient everyday at work. With the six step model process decision makers are constantly bettering their businesses and getting more work done. My only concern with BOP is that we may experience a high turnover rate due to people not doing well with change. Also if the process is a success will we need less employees? Resources: Bazerman.& Moore (2013). Judgement in managerial decision making. (8th ed.). Retrieved from”

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