Should the legal drink age be lower

introduction Thesis statement: Although some people think the younger whose age below 21 years old can drink, there are a lot of negative things for them, the government shouldn?t low the legal age of drinking.Body The younger can?t control themselves and to do some danger things drive car after drinking conflict with other people. The younger who drink alcohol and can?t stop it by themselves, it is bad for healthy.Alcoholism It is bad for liver.The younger who drink alcohol easy to get psychological illness. Commit suicide Stay alone and can?t normal communicate with other people. Conclusion. In my opinion, the government should not reduce the legal age of drinking, Young people really hard to control themselves. If they drinking, it is bad for life, healthy and motion. Citetation:?Lower drinking age may raise chances of binging later; study found those who lived in states where it was legal to drink at age 18 drank heavily more often as adults..

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