Should Australia become a republic?

Should Australia become a republic?Order DescriptionFor this piece of assessment you are asked to write an academic essay in response to one ofthe questions listed below. Your choice of question should be the same as that selected for theEssay introduction ? indeed you should begin this essay with an edited version of theintroduction you submitted as assessment piece number one.As you will see, all of the questions listed below are normative ones; that is, they are questionsabout what should or should not be done in the future. As we shall Discuss (check for the help you need) in class, a goodnormative essay will generally have within it both normative claims (arguments about whatwe ought to do) and empirical claims (claims about how things really are). In this essay youwill need to deploy at least one example of each type of claim ? that is, you will need tomake a normative claim about what should be done (in response to your chosen question) andyou will need to deploy some empirical evidence that supports your normative claim. For furtherexplanation of how to do this, please consult the Essay Guidance document that is available viathe VU Collaborate site for this unit.The purpose of this piece of assessment is threefold. Firstly, this is an opportunity for you todemonstrate your capacity to respond constructively to feedback (from your first piece of7assessment). Secondly, this piece of assessment gives you a chance to try out two of the skillsthat are foundational to political science ? normative and empirical analysis. Thirdly, this pieceof assessment offers you an opportunity to delve into an issue or topic that is of interest to you.The basic requirements for the Essay? The essay should be around 1,500 words long;? The essay must follow the format laid out in the ?Guide to the Essay? document,which is available online for this unit;? It is essential that essays are submitted with full referencing and we recommend usingthe Harvard system. In addition, you must make an effort to use and reference academicliterature in your essay ? websites, newspapers, and magazines are not enough.Further guidance regarding this piece of assessment will be provided within tutorials. Anystudent who does not fully understand these requirements should seek further advice at theearliest opportunity.Assessment criteriaYour result in this piece of assessment will depend upon whether or not you achieve thefollowing:? Advance a clear and persuasive central argument and deploy critical analysis in order todevelop and support that argument;? Organize your essay so that it is clear and coherent and so that it supports yourargument;? Thoroughly research the topics addressed in your essay and critically evaluate theliterature and arguments that you examine;? P resent your essay professionally, reference the assignment completely (ideally, usingthe Harvard system) and express yourself clearly, in a scholarly style and language.Essay question? Should Australia become a republic?

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