Selecting & preparing a line manager for an expatriate assignment: Advert & Training Programme.

Selecting & preparing a line manager for an expatriate assignment: Advert & Training Programme.This assignment has two parts.1) Creating an Advert (30% weighting) AND 2) Outline of a Training Programme (70% weighting). The outline of the training programme is equivalent to 2000 words and the advert is equivalent to 1000 words, therefore equating to 3000 words in total.The TaskYou are a HR Manager for multinational IT Company. Whilst your head office is situated in Coventry, you have 11 other offices based worldwide. Business in China has recently expanded resulting in the need for an additional line manager to join the existing workforce in Shanghai. Sarah Soloman has been working in China for 2 years and currently manages a team of 44 IT Consultants with a further 10 IT Consultants joining the team in the next 3 months. As Sarah?s team is becoming too large, an additional line manager?s role has been created to enable each line manager to look after 27 IT Consultants. Your Board of Directors has just approved the appointment of an expatriate manager who you will select & train prior to their transfer to China.Your HR Director has asked you to do two things:1) Prepare a recruitment advert (A4 Size) which will feature in next month?s company newsletter & posted on the company?s intranet site.2) Put together an outline of a one day training course to prepare the successful candidate for their international assignment.

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