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Assignment #1 Reading Assignment?Read Chapters 1, 2, and 3and review first set of notes located in course documents. Also previewthe OSHA homepage at Ch. 1 Comments?The basis for the profession of occupational safety and health include concerns regarding the protectionof human health, safety, and property.Ch. 2 Comments?Incident rates have declined steadily as a result of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.However, conformance to legislation is not enough alone to create a safe and healthful working environment. Requirementshave encouraged a safer and healthier workplace and assisted otherwise unsafe companies to preserve health and safety oftheir workers. Ch. 3 Comments?Worker?s Compensation is one of the costliest types of insurance paid by employers. Modern stateWorker?s Compensation laws have evolved from laws and legislation dating back hundreds of years.Objectives? ? Explain the importance of occupational safety and health. ? Identify key historical figures that have contributed to the profession. ? Define terminology used in occupational safety and health. ? List job titles of individuals that perform occupational safety and health activities. ? Identify roles and responsibilities of safety and health professionals. ? Explain the history of safety and health legislation. ? Understand the structure of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. ? Identify the origins of OSHA standards. ? Know the specific requirements of the OSHAct. ? Understand the procedures for conducting OSHA inspections. ? Learn the purpose and history of Worker?s Compensation legislation. ? Identify the benefits provided by Worker?s Compensation insurance to employees and employers. ? Understand important legal terminology related to civil law. ? Identify the different types of torts. ? Understand product liability and associated risks. ? Understand product safety and Product Safety Act. ? Identify the types of warranties.Type answers and submit back through this Blackboard assignment site.Assignment #1Part 11. Identify an individual for each of these. a. Father of Industrial Hygieneb. Father of Toxicologyc. Designed first crude face maskd. In 400 B.C., he recognized the toxicity of leade. Identified first known occupational cancer2. Describe the difference between loss prevention and loss control.3. List at least 5 job titles associated with occupational safety and health.4. Define safety.5. Define accident and explain why safety professionals no longer approve of the use of this term.6. Schedule an interview with a victim of an occupational injury or illness. Turn in the name of the individual (not afamily member) and the date of the interview. A report of the interview will be due during week 4 of the class. 7. List the organizations created by the OSHAct. 8. What are 4 of the powers delegated to OSHA by the Act? 9. What are 4 of the responsibilities assigned to NIOSH by the Act? 10. What the the degrees of violations for OSHA citations? 11. Who comprises the OSHRC and how are their terms of office set up? 12. Who are the current U.S. Secretary of Labor and the administrator of OSHA? 13. Identify the full names of the following organizations NSC ASSE ACGIH SAE NFPA ANSI ASME AIHA ASABE BCSP ATMAE 14. Specifically, who is covered by the OSHAct?Part II. Write a 2-page paper (double-spaced, 12 pt) detailing the history of Worker?s Compensation beginning with the Code ofHammurabi and concluding with current sate laws.:

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