Safe Area Gorazde

Safe Area GorazdeText: Joe Sacco?s Safe Area GorazdeChoose a COMPLEX OF IDEAS from Safe Area Gorazde. As I explained in class, a complex of ideas is much like a theme, or a motif, or a trope ? it is an idea or a group of ideas that comes up again and again. Sacco clearly has his agendas ? he wants you to know a little bit about what it feels like to be the people in his book in order to grasp their predicament ? he wants, in the words of the novelist Richard Currey, ?to impart emotional knowledge.?In your 2-3 page paper, argue that Safe Area Gorazde is fundamentally about a particular bit of emotional knowledge ? there are lots of them, but you should choose (and express) one. Use QUOTES and DESCRIPTIONS of visual texts as evidence to support your assertion.Stick to a couple of related vignettes, or to recurring vignettes (like ?Silly Girls?), to make your points.A prototype of your thesis will likely look like this:Safe Area Gorazde is fundamentally about _______, and my proof is [this complex of ideas] suggested [by this textual evidence (quotes and descriptions)].!

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