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A recruiter?s job is to help a company or organization find new talent; they are also responsible for making sure that all new hires have completed all paperwork and maintain an ethical relationship with department heads. Introduction This case study will evaluate the performance of Carl Robins a new campus recruiter for ABC Inc. With only having six months experience he failed to organize follow-up and reserve a room to train the 15 people he successfully recruited. The new trainees will be working for Monica Carrolls the Operations Supervisor. Carl has been procrastinating failing to meetRoMay SitzeCase Study on Carl Robins the required deadline for a new hire orientation that will take place on June 15. The new employees require an orientation on company policy manuals to learn the required policies physicals and drug screenings and other issues that may arise as time whines down. On May 15 Carl was contacted by Monica and he assured her that everything was a go for that particular date and things were running as scheduled. After Memorial Day Carl realized that the new trainees? applications were not complete their transcripts were not on file and none of them had been sent for mandatory drug screening. Carl also found Joe from technology services reserved the training room for the whole month of June for computer training seminars leaving Carl with nowhere for his orientation. Key Problems It is very clear that there is a lack of proper follow-up resulting in problems with drug screening and proper paperwork being filed along with several issues with scheduling of assets and availability of training materials. Carl?s performance seems that he is not fully trained or inexperienced to complete the orientation of new employees with ABC Inc. Before Carl started recruiting he did not have a plan in place for or after he met his goal of recruiting 15 new people for the company he is working for. Being that this is his first recruitment effort he was only focused on getting new hires in the door to show that he was capable of performing his duties as a new campus recruiter rather than the bigger picture of what will happen after the new recruits were hired. He did not take in consideration all the elements involved with the hiring and training of the new hires; like making sure all documents were up-to-date prior to hiring. Carl has poor working ethics and therefore is incompetent in his job. He is also disorganized and doesn?t meet deadline goals. It appears that Carl was not involved or presence during the whole process of hiring new employees allowing them to be hired without completing required documents drug testing and other issues that problems that are happening. Carl jeopardized the entire orientation because the lack of experience he has and the manner in which nothing was followed up or secured in a timely manner. He also was not involved with checking or ensuring the training room was reserved. It seems that he was depending on other sources to make sure the training room was available for the entire month of June. Alternatives There are a few alternatives to the dilemma Carl has put himself in. The first alternative is to postpone the orientation for another month or until Carl can secure the training room and have all the training materials in place. He will need to contact each new employee and have them come in to complete the required paperwork hoping the potential trainees may not seek employment elsewhere and are ready to start working in July. He will then be able to contact the drug testing center to schedule the employees? drug screening prior to the orientation date. Carl needs to also meet with Monica Carrolls and report the discrepancies and then find a strategy for planning a successful orientation. The second alternative would be to keep the orientation as scheduled and work with other co-workers asking for any suggestions that will help such as senior recruiters that are better equipped for the job. They will work together in finding ways to accommodate the new employees with their applications drug testing and anything missing from their files. All the employees in the company should work together on different projects where at least one of the projects is one in which they are competent in and one in which they think they will be able to produce more efficiently because of their competencies or interest. Carl needs to get a policy handbook and make copies so that every new employee has their own copy of rules and regulations so they are ready to start working by July. The team will also help with finding another location for holding the orientation; calling hotels that have conference rooms or locate restaurants that are available for June 15. With finding another location there may be a rental fee that Carl may have to come out of pocket for being that he did not follow through with reassuring the training room would be available. After the location has been found Carl will need to contact his new trainees about the changes affecting the orientation. Proposed Solution Carl knew the deadline for new hires to enter the orientation he should have ensured all documents were complete prior to hiring. This will ensure all records are up-to-date before the training process is to take place. Carl should check all manuals; making sure there is enough to go around; preparing himself for the orientation. Each new trainee should have been scheduled for their individual physicals and drug screenings immediately; making sure that everyone is exact on times and dates. Once the results are back reviewed and approved for hire notifying the trainees. Carl had the entire month of May to schedule the training room he should have immediately scheduled the training room. Since the training room was already booked he should have then found another conference room within the company or rented another conference room within the area. Recommendations I recommend Carl postpone the orientation until the following month. This will give him enough time to schedule each trainees? drug testing and make sure everyone?s paperwork is up-to-date and on the proper file. This will also give him enough time to find other replacements if there is any discrepancies with the prior trainees. It will also give him time to do the proper follow-ups if needed. Time management is the key to success and is an important aspect in being a recruiter especially when a crisis occurs; there is more procrastinating than actual work being done. I also recommend that Carl go through intensive training as well. One way ABC Inc. can improve employee performance is by using more effective and efficient performance management programs. Carl needs to master his ability to work on his own and go through the proper channels to ensure this will never happen again. This will give him the knowledge into how to properly train and how to complete personnel files on his own. He will also learned how to become better organized and to correctly find solutions when faced with situations that jeopardize the completion of another orientation in the near future. Carl should be fully aware of all the recruiting processes and see that all steps are followed properly. When all else fails he should also consider sitting down with Monica Carroll to review the expectations of his position including performances protocol and other duties pertaining to the recruitment requirements. I would use this situation as a learning experience and move forward knowing that having a panic attack will not solve the issue. I would also recommend that when the training room is booked be prepared to either find another room within the company or have another location available. Having a Plan B will show that he is prepared for the worst scenarios. In conclusion Carl?s procrastination and lack of experience may have played a major part in the results of not having completed a successful orientation. Being responsible for every aspect of bringing new trainees on-board to making sure all follow-ups are done in a time manner and completed will become vital for a company?s success and growth. Better employees will be attracted to ABC Inc. if there were more experienced personnel able to handle all and any situations that may arise.”

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