Risk management on construction site

Risk management on construction siteRisk Management has been linked to project success and major construction projects tend to have established a procedure to manage risks. What risk management strategies and tools should be adopted in order to effectively manage construction project risks and how should they be implemented? ? Evaluate the question within the context of a case study.References to be used:Morgan, T. (2011) Briefing: Risk Management critical to Crossrail?s Success, ICE Proceedings: Management, Procurement and Law, 164 (2), pp 57-58. Loosemore, M., Raftery, J., Reilly, C., Higgon, D. (2006) Risk management in projects, 2e, Taylor & Francis, Oxon. Raz, T. and Michael, E. (2001) Use and benefits of tools for project risk management, International Journal of Project Management, 19, pp 9-17. http://www.arcom.ac.uk/abstractsearch.asp?ToP=risk+management&Author=&Keywords=&abstract=&journal=ALL:

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