Risk Identification and Measurement: Patient Safety

Risk Identification and Measurement: Patient SafetyWrite a paper describing in greater detail the patient safety risk citing supporting data as well as what factors are contributing to the issue. These factors could be those related to hindsightbias, fear of disclosure, embarrassment, poor system design or poor work flow to name but a few. Identify the potential or actual failure modes for each identify possible effect and how youwould measure them.Format:Page Limit ? 4 (min) ? 7 (max)12-point Font Double Space APA Format Must include a Title Page & Reference page which do not count toward the page count. Include the sample tool that is used. May include graphs and other statistical results, ? Consider thepatient safety risk and describe the measurement process, why you chose a specific measurement tool and how you would use it.Describe:1.The risk or point of failure you want to investigate2.The tool (from any reading, such as ?root cause analysis or failure mode effect analysis) you will use to identify it3.Cite the source of the tool and explain why you chose it.? Apply the tool to the unit and the risk, and describe how you would implement it, with whom, and summarize the measurement process.Course Textbook:Wachter, R.M. (2008). Understanding Patient Safety, Second Edition. New York: McGraw Hill. ISBN 978-0-07-148277-6.:

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