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Explain the different forms of child abuse Include Shaken Baby Syndrome in your response. There are 4 different types of child abuse Physical abuse emotional abuse sexual abuse and neglect. Physical abuse is just that they (the parents) cause bodily harm to the child whether its through slapping kicking or punching. The most infamous form of child physical abuse is SBS (Shaken Baby syndrome) thats when a parent or adult shakes a baby out of frustration. This causes severe problems with the child and at least 1/3 of SBS population are subjected to death because of it. EmotionalReview + Critical Thinking Questions abuse is when the parent or guardian makes a child feel worthless through negative words and lack of empathy. Sexual abuse varies it can be both physical and verbal. Talking about anything sexual to a child is sexual abuse also showing pornography or any private part of yourself is considered sexual abuse. Lastly neglect is downright ignorance of a childs needs. Whether it be lack of clothing lack of food or even lack of education. Example a parent not enrolling their child into school is a form of neglect. What types of physical care must a parent provide an infant child Infants are virtually powerless in anything they do. Physical things parents must do is bathe them feed them and change their diapers. What are some strategies for helping a child cope with stress Some strategies of helping children deal with stress are communicating with the child about whats bothering them which opens up a connection that will help them during their adolescent years. Figuring out ways to help solve their problems helps them cope with their stress. Also having a home free of hostility and anger promotes less stress to the child. Critical Thinking Questions What is the difference between a protective environment and a nurturing environment The difference between a protective environment and a nurturing environment is that a protective environment ensures that a child is protected from abuse and neglect whilst a nurturing environment includes both physical safety and emotional safety. Parents who have nurturing environments tend to their childrens emotional needs. The child feels safe by the parent and feels like its alright to explore as long as they have their parent. How do childrens needs change as they grow through development stages from infancy to teen years How do special needs children differ As children get older they become less dependent on their parents. They are able to wash themselves feed themselves and clothe themselves. By the time they reach teen years they only need their parents financially and for emotional support. However children with special needs vary. Parents are subjected to more stress while raising a special needs child and that may affect the development of the child. List and explain factors a parent can control that lead to a nurturing environment. Include characteristics of nurturing parents. Factors Parents Can Control for a nurturing environment The child is safe physically No one to abuse them or neglect them. Be attentive of the childs need Pay attention and watch for any signs of unhappiness Build a connection with your child Spend quality time with your family a child should feel safe around family members. List and explain factors that lead to poor relationships and that increase the risk of child abuse. Things that lead to poor relationships with children are marital problems substance abuse HIV and Latchkey Children. Marital problems within the house hold that turn into arguments is one of the quickest ways to make a child feel abandoned. And usually with household issues it effects the childs social life. Substance abuse can eat up the families income and wont have anything left for a childs basic needs. Also if a woman is pregnant while abusing substances it can cause severe problems for the child when it is born. HIV can be passed down from the parents and this incurable disease can also take in all of the families income treating it. Finally latchkey children the children who are left alone a lot have higher anxiety levels and fear for bad things to happen. This eventually leads to poor relationships with both peers and parents. Why is it critical for a parent to be involved in their childrens education It is critical for parents to be involved in their childrens education because education doesnt start when you enroll them in school but rather when they are a few months old. They begin to see and recognize things. They observe their surroundings and pay close attention to the people that care for them. They learn through observation until theyre ready to vocalize what they want. Also when children get older placing the child in an extracurricular activity also helps their education advance by learning how to work together in a group.”

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