Research and Innovation

Topic:Research and InnovationI?ve uploaded the journals to the order.ThanksFiles: 3April 28 23:31 Archi-Coco_JCMS.pdf 552 kb DownloadApril 28 23:31 adam_segal_r_d.pdf 1236 kb DownloadApril 28 23:31 mowrey_R_D.pdf 148 kb DownloadDescription: [?]Preferred language style: English (U.K.)This isn?t a Dissertation Chapter but a Review Paper. For the essay,students will select three academic articles for analysis.The articles I have chosen are:Archibugi, Daniel and Alberto Coco, ?Is Europe Becoming the MostDynamic Knowledge Economy in the World??, Journal of Common MarketStudies, 43(3): 433-459Mowery David (1998), ?The Changing Structure of the US NationalInnovation System: Implications for international Conflict andCooperation in R&D?, Research Policy, 27: 639-654.Segal, Adam (2004) ?Is America Losing its Edge??, Foreign Affairs, 83(6): 2-8Category: Business

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