Report on countries? economic growth

Requred text book: Blanchard, Olivier and Johnson, David R. Macroeconomics, Fourth Canadian edition. Toronto:Pearson Education Canada,2010.It seems difficult to find, if you can?t find this book, please let me know. I could provide some powerpoints.Part 1:Write one page is fine.Part 2 can be write in 4 pages length; is to prepare a report that is designed to evaluate how the differences in the economic growth in both countries can be reconciled with your knowledge of theories of economic growth. Your should use economic data you gathered on both countries to justify your answers. While you are free to structure your report as you feel appropriate, it should include: 1. Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of the economic conditions of both countries 2. appraisal of how growth theory can explain differences in the economic grow rates of both countries using data you gathered (You can present some of this data in graphical or table form.) 3. whether the strong growth country prospects for continued strong economic growth might be limited; and, if so, what policy you would recommend to offset this? 4. whether the weak growth country prospects for growth will be further limited; and, if so, what policy you would recommend to offset this? The details I will provide in pdf. file.Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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