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Reflecting on this week?s literary readings as well as your own reading experiences identify at least one major similarity and one major difference between the forms of the short story and the poem. How do the differences between these literary forms affect how you read and respond to them? In your response include an example of at least one poem from this week?s readings. Describe the connections between (a) the poem?s form and/or use of literary devices and your experience of the poem and (b) your reading experience (see key literary terms listed in our textbook ?Reflecting on this week Linguistics e.g. alliteration rhyme iambic pentameter etc.). If you wish you may also compare your experience of the poem to your experience reading a short story that shares with the poem a similar theme. There is no one to clean up after you and cook healthy meals at college. Some indulgences are okay but still maintain a nutritious diet get proper sleep and take care of yourself and your possessions. Take care of yourself well study appropriately attend all your classes and follow a regular schedule. You can get ill from being too stressed or not eating healthy enough.”

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