Read T.S. Eliot?s his classic poem The Waste Land.

Read T.S. Eliot?s his classic poem The Waste Land.Today?s essay assignment asks for a Personal Response. Your personal response essay should be at least two full paragraphs long. It will give you a chance to express your opinions concerning The Waste Land and Eliot?s poetry in general. When writing a personal response, it is tempting to simply sound off and express your opinions without supporting them with reason or detail. This is not acceptable for this assignment. Whichever side of the question you choose, you must support your opinion with details from the text and with your own reasoning ability. Do not simply speak your opinion, but defend it. Point out particular places in the poems, and use them to explain your answer. Here is the question: What do you think of Eliot?s particular style of writing poetry? Do you think all of his allusions, references, and complexities make his poems better or worse than simpler types of poetry?

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