Psychological Analysis of Titanic Movie Scene

NameInstructorCourse nameDatePsychological Analysis of Titanic Movie SceneOutlinei.) Introductionii.) Relationship between the charactersiii.) Psychological concepts involved? Theory of empiricism? Theory of reality and perception? Humane understanding nature? Kohlberg?s Theory of Moral Development? Freud?s Theory of Stages of Developmentiv.) Works citedWhat It Means To Be Human-Case Study 2Psychological Analysis of Titanic Movie SceneThis research paper will use a scene on the Titanic movie to explain how differentpsychologists and philosophers use their theories to explain how human beings behave. Thetheories are developed by psychologists who have studied human behavior and believe that theycan be used to predict how different people will behave when subjected to some conditions.Although there is a greater similarity between the explanations and the predictions, it is notpossible to predict and explain human behavior with precision due to the dynamism expressed byvarious human beings. No human being is identical of another and for this reason there isvariation in human behavior as will be explained using the different theories and the case studyof the titanic movie at the moment when it was sinking.IntroductionHuman behavior and actions is highly determined by their personality and attitude. Thispersonality can be both conscious and unconscious. Human beings have the nature of seekingsuperiority. They have fictional goals and they can sacrifice for anything to achieve these goals.This enhances how they embrace reality and perception, which in turn affects their mental andmoral behaviors. I will use the case study of the titanic movie to explain this human behavior indetail which is what actually determines what being human is all about.Relationship between the charactersExperts atmidcoursecan help you with this and more. Visit our website today to order for this and more essays.

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