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Project descriptionHere are the details we use APAShort Reader-Response Essay #2Best Short Story (with a focus on plot and conflict) ? (250 words)Overview:In this assignment, you will practice crafting a short reader-response essay in response to the question, ?Which Short Story is the Best?? from the four short stories we read this week. Review the elements of the reader-response essay in this topic as well as in the textbook and consider the essays from this topic?s readings when crafting your response. Your essay should reflect on this question in an engaging and thorough manner. Be sure to support your ideas with quotes, summarized details and paraphrased points from this topic?s readings and lecture. Review the grading rubric to better understand how this assignment will be evaluated.How to Proceed:1. Craft a 250-word 5-paragraph response to the question, ?Which Short Story is the Best? Convince your audience (your instructor and your peers) that the short-short story you are choosing to nominate is the ?best? short-short story listed.2. Include a clear and identifiable thesis statement, which will establish the focus of your essay, namely what short-short story you are nominating and why. The overall essay should be well organized, including an introduction, body, and conclusion addressing clearly the reasons for choosing the essay and giving evidence. 3. Support your reasons for nominating the short-short story with quotes from the text. Be sure to include a page number with each quotation. 4. Your 250-word response should include a thesis, an introduction, three body paragraphs a conclusion and make use of transitions between your ideas/paragraphs. 5. Your response needs to be properly formatted, include in-text citations and include a full and proper header.This is the book we use It is electronic:Roberts, E. V. & Zweig, R. (2014). Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, CompactEdition (6th ed.). New York: Longman.

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