Principle of pharmacotherapy

Principle of pharmacotherapyeBook info-I hope this helps Go to this web site On the left hand side: Enter the name of your school?Enter Kaplan University Click find school On the right hand side: Click Kaplan Online Click on digital content Email: [email protected] Password: Sandusky Sign in Read on line I hope this helps. ThanksLogin Info Unit 2 Quiz TAKE EACH WEEK QUIZ BEFORE 11:30 PM ET ON TUESDAY. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE QUIZ AFTER THIS TIME Please note with regard to the save button, that is an internal save button. So you should save your answers frequently as you go through the quiz but if you exit the quiz without finishing,you cannot return to finish. The quizzes are open-book and each chapter in the textbook is represented in the quiz by several questions written by the book authors. You can get your answers from any source There are usually 20 questions in each quiz, except unit 5 quiz has only 15 questions1. LOGIN????? 2. User name??? AbosedeObikunle 3. Password???- Ibadan1234 4. Go to your current classes on the left hand side 5. Click on MN553: Advanced Pharmacology across the life span 6. Click on Unit 2 on the left hand side under Course home 7. Click on quiz 2 and follow instruction Remember to save all answers before submitting for grading or else it will be 0%- Save after each question to avoid error:

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