President Mckinley on American Empire (1899)

Paper instructions: Please post answers to the following questions. Use good grammar and be sure to answer EVERY question thoroughly, using your own analysis, not copied ideas from other students. Useexamples from the sources and show me you did your own work by communicating your ideas clearly and supporting your arguments with evidence from the sources. Remember to respond toat least two other student posts. Please understand, to earn credit for this assignment, you must complete ALL of the assigned questions. No partial credit will be given for incompleteassignments. Please also remember to follow the writing guidelines for assignments, which is now posted in the modules section of the site. Use complete sentences, proper punctuation andgrammar, and be sure to have a minimum of three sentences per answer. Again, I must emphasize, DO NOT COPY IDEAS FROM OTHER STUDENTS. Read the lectures, text, and primary sources andDO YOUR OWN WORK. Last but not least, if you use a passage from another source, put quotations around the passage and explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Students who copy from the text, aprimary source, or another student will not earn any credit for this assignment.1)Pg. 67 ? President Mckinley on American Empire (1899) (PLEASE ANSWER USING THE FOLLOWING LINK) 1. How persuasive is McKinley?s account of how and why the United States decided to annex the Philippines?2)Pg. 69 ? Emilio Aguinaldo on American Imperialism in the Philippines. (PLEASE ANSWER USING THE FOLLOWING LINK) 1. Why does Aguinaldo think that the United States is betraying its own values?2. What ways does Aguinaldo think that Americans misunderstand the Filipinos?3) Pg. 88 ? Margaret Sanger on Free Motherhood, from Woman and the New Race (1920) (PLEASE ANSWER USING THE FOLLOWING LINK) In Margaret Sanger?s Free Motherhood piece, how does Sanger define free womanhood?2. How does Sanger distinguish between natural affection and selection?:

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