Political science american Government and politics

Political science american Government and politicsPaper instructions: Political science Final ReflectionThis paper will require you(me) to reflect on everything you have learned in the course and to critically analyze the content, the assignments, advocacy that you have completed in describingto me(the professor) what you have learned. this is your chance to show me what you have learned and whether you have thought deeply about how the course, the activities, government andpolitics, political issues, the community /your community and you are interrelated.Some questions to consider include:1.What did you learn about american Government and politics from this course? A: i have attached the syllabus for this course. The professor gave us the detail of what i will learn from this course. we had many debates about hot political issues. we talked about theminimum wage and the environmental problems.how are american government and politics related to your life? A: I am an international student, so basically I am not really familier with this part,, please help?What did you learn about your issue? A: can you help me to make it up ? because i don?t have some issue..How is your issue related to American Government and politics? A: please help, i don?t know how to describe this part.5.What did you learn about advocacy, how to conduct it ? A: my advocacy group gave the class a 10 min presentation regarding on the tuition fee issue. most of our group mates(Nhi, Jimmy, Melaku) did a great work, but one of our group mates(James) did not show up on our presentation date. We passed out flyers(stop raising tuition fees! it does not change anything !) on campus and we asked students to sign up petition. our topic is the raising tuition fees in UCs, CSUs, and CCs. recently the tuition fees in california is raising dramatically because more and more students can?t graduate on time. so thegovernment allowed these universities to raise tuition fees in order to add more classes for students so that they can graduate on time. But the problem is that a higher tuition fee would makemore student drop off because they can not afford the fee and most of them are working twice harder just to pay the fees.How do you think you did in the class? What support can you give to your belief? A: I think i did well in the class, i did every online quiz and i post on forum every week. i like to debate with people and discuss hot political issues, I like to communicate and interact withclassmates. i did 12 hours of community services and i learned a lot from that experience.How will you /how could you begin to put what you learned into action once the course is over? A: I like volunteering, every time i help someone, i learned more. I will join some more group that work for this community.Please Use citations and any additional research to strengthen this paper.:

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