pluralist model of democracy

pluralist model of democracyDoes Congress as an institution-with its long-serving members, seniority system, leadership, and committees-best reflect the majoritarian or pluralist model of democracy?How much control does the president have over the bureaucracy? Should the federal government have more political appointments so that the president can make the bureaucracy moreresponsive to his wishes? Why or why not?Some Supreme Court observers argue that the Court should play a self-restrained (strict constructionist) role in policy-making, whereas others support judicial activism. What arguments havebeen raised by those encouraging self-restraint/strict-constructionism? How would those in favor of judicial activism respond?Is unconventional participation a natural right of citizens in a democracy? Does it have equal legitimacy with conventional activity, or should unconventional political behavior be limited sospecial circumstances? If you agree with the latter point of view, explain what circumstances justify this sort of action. Is violent political action ever justified in a democracy?:

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