Please make a reserach on a re

Please make a reserach on a restaurant named PARADISE DYNASTY in Singapore and please analyse the restaurant based on the service firm?s corporate and marketing objective, pricing and distribution strategy and marketing communication strategy.The service firm?s corporate and marketing strategy consist of:- what business is the client in?- what is their corporate objective?- their marketing objective?Pricing and distribution strategy:- outline your client firm?s current pricing and distribution strategy- how are these strategies contributing to or failing the firm?- how does ur client firm?s pricing compare to direct competitors?Marketing communication strategy:- outline the client?s existing use of advertising, sponsorship, sales prootion, personal selling, digital promotion, and direct marketing- identify which media if any, are being used effectively.- outline the creative if any, that is being used tp promote your client?s brand.Please just straightly answer the question based on the 3 aspect that i have write. Thxi have uploaded the notes and the sample paper of how people write about paradise dynasty restaurant. u can use it so that, u have the viewon how is Paradise Dynasty is. please don?t copy it as the question formine is slightly different. i also have uploaded the reference guideline. please use it when u want to reference..

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