The purpose of the pilot study is to: 1. test your proposed methods, and determine which methods would work well and which might need to be changed were you todo a larger study on your research question. (You do not need to decide on specific methods now, for the planningstatement, only the general methods you think you?d like to use).2. help you predict three findings, based on the results of the pilot study, for the Anticipated Findings section ofyour final research proposal. Your pilot study must be ethical (i.e. not include high-risk groups such as minors or inmates) and also small andrealistic enough to complete in two weeks!Possibilities (all studies must take place in Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County or Los Angeles Country ?California): 1. A few interviews (no more than four) of people from the group you would like to study. E.g. underrepresented groups,low income and first generation students with regard to the history of Larry P. v. Riles. 2. A simple, harmless experiment with small groups of people representing the target population for your study. 4. Observation or participant observation at one or two events, or at the same location several times. 5. A content analysis of two or three social or cultural artifacts related to your research question.To ensure that you have appropriate participants selected for a small, realistic, and ethical pilot study, you mustselect those participants or artifacts now. Find potential artifacts, or contact potential participants (or arepresentative of those potential participants) to ask them if they?re willing to participate in your pilot study. Besure to let them know that this is for a class assignment, not for publication, and that you will maintainconfidentiality (you might mention giving them pseudonyms) and, if possible, anonymity. Also let them know that the studywill need to take place before your Pilot Study Paper is due. Set some general plans for your pilot study (which you canchange later if needed).1. What methods are you thinking of choosing for your research proposal? 2. Why are you choosing these methods? 3. Which of these methods are you following for your pilot study and why?Once you have participants (students, relatives, other instructors etc) who agree, write a statement of approximately twopages. Make sure your statement includes the following information: 1. Name(s) or pseudonyms of your participants. (Here, you can provide the name of a group or location, if more relevant,instead). Or the titles of your social or cultural artifacts. 2. How you know the participants, or how you found them. Or how you found or came to know of the social or culturalartifacts. 3. Why you?ve selected these participants, or why you?ve chosen these artifacts. (How might they help you answer yourresearch question?) 4. Why you?ve selected the method (interviewing, surveying, conducting an experiment, content analysis orobservation/participant observation) you have. (How might this method help you best answer your research question, ortest the theory in your theoretical foundations section? Be brief). 5. Specific plans for when and where your pilot study will take place (time, date, place), (or when and how often, for acontent analysis).RESEARCH QUESTION: Topic Intro: In the degree I chose, I will study issues related to the development of individuals, specifically childrenand families in social and cultural contexts. The classes I will take will be in human development, and personal growthin human relationships, marriage and family relationships and family ethnic and cultural diversity. I chose the degreeprogram in Family and Human Development to gain an understanding of the impact of ethnicity, culture, gender andprofessional life on individual development and family interaction patterns. I really think about the development ofindividuals and families as they relate to their diverse social worlds. My research project focus will be on socialinequality and the mechanisms behind social inequality that are heavily impacting persons of color in the United States.The discussion will be based on the concept of social inequality in terms of the effects of status, inequality based ondifferences in esteem and respect, alongside those based on resources and power. Furthermore, focus will be directed onhow wealth, race, class, conflict and inequality impact families and overall human development. The research will in endfocus on providing a summary on how the aforementioned elements that lead to social inequality affect life changes.Lastly, solutions will be given on how overarching inequality in the United States can be reduced and how equality canbecome a reality. Why do we have inequality in the United States? Most importantly, how can we get rid of it so we canhave equality? Where did inequality come from? Why does it exist? Why does it continue? Do we justify inequality? Why?Can we eliminate inequality? How? Most importantly, can we make a society in which people are equal? How? Using asociological approach will give the methodological and theoretical tools to begin to answer the questions relating to theresearch topic.Grading for an A+ The paper demonstrates that an appropriate number of participants or artifacts were chosen, and that these participantsor artifacts relate both to the proposed research question and the proposed methods. Used, strong assessment of proposed methods and procedures in terms of the pilot study, the results of the pilot study,and the proposed research question. Includes at least three well-explained possible results based on the proposedmethods. These results correspond to the proposed research question and are wellsupported by previously publishedresearch and/or a pilot study. Three major findings or results are presented clearly, in a format appropriate for the pilot study conducted, and areplausible answers for the proposed research question. Clearly describes the participants, the tools of measurement or instrumentation, and the procedures in detail, takinginto account all variables and controls. Adequately explains how the choices proposed will help answer the researchquestion. Thoughtfully addresses possible ethical concerns.Honest and thoughtful assessment of the entire pilot study experience, clearly explaining what worked well and what couldbe improved in a larger study:

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