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Submit a statement that discusses your career goals as well as the factors that led you to select the Mid-Career MPA program as a means of furthering your personal and professional goals. Be as specific as possible in describing how your expected course of study will enable you to build on your prior professional experience and achieve these goals (750 word limit). Economic development and welfare of the people are the natural fit with my personality traits from my childhood which allowed me to choose the highest level of Federal Civil Service Examination of India and gotPersonal goal and professional goal selected in this merit based competitive examination. Candidates with different To get the blend of all the fields I was the class monitor up to class 5th; class president from 6th to 11th class to conduct the weekly debates secretary of the scientific society in college in Students? Union at Indian School of Mines club secretary in Ordnance Factory and secretary Residence Welfare Association. I was in National Cadet Corps and Junior Red Cross Society. After completing the schooling and graduation with merit scholarships I joined Indian School of Mines the premier Institute for Earth science for Masters in applied Geology through national competition. Selected in National Education Test of UGC and with a scholarship from Council for Scientific and Industrial Research I completed M. Phil. Initially 12 years I have worked in middle level management in various Defence production units mainly in the field of Administration Industrial Relations Human Resources Estate and store. I got one year exposure in policy issues in Higher Technical Education. As the head of Coal Mines provident Fund Organization (CMPFO) for two years I sought to improve the public service to benefit 7.5 lakh coal workers in the field of provident funds and pensions bringing reforms in a mission mode. SAP ERP was implemented in the organization which was first in govt. department in India. A bench mark was created in engaging multiple Fund Managers leading to transparency and fair competition. I had the exposure of Board level management in Mineral Exploration Corporation limited a pan India Company as Director. Four years under my leadership as the country head of computerization at Employees? Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) the organization transformed from manual environment to fully computerized system. All receipts and payments of PF and pension became online making the life of 50 million poor workers easy removing all paper returns. The interactions are now through web and SMS reducing the footfalls of workers and employers in EPFO offices. 6 years while working with the Federal Ministers for Water Resources Rural Development and as the Director in coal ministry of Government of India I have actively participated in development of macro level policies its formulation and implementation. To name a few are; the National Water Policy Land Use Policy for Inclusive Economic Development Drinking Water and Sanitation Corporate Social responsibility in coal sector re-engagement of ex-service personnel in coal transportation Poverty Eradication through National Rural Employment Guaranty Act to meet the Millennium Development Goal programme were massive initiatives of the Government. I have played important role in the planning and monitoring of execution of such policy options. Additionally I have been deeply engaged in my advisory role to the ministers to address the political and other socio-economic development issues of the different political provinces of India. Now I am working in top level management of Ordnance Equipment Factory a Defence production Unit of India. The Mason program is intended to provide the analytical and leadership skills to implement major social and economic change. It has the sessions on experience sharing strategic management communication and policy decision making. The curriculum also includes the applied economics quantitative analysis political institutions and globalisation. My extensive experience in multiple roles in different government departments of India will provide a good fit to contribute during the MPA programme as a Mason Fellow. My in-depth knowledge in important streams of public work will further allow me to perform effectively during my academic work at Harvard. I have credible track record of having developed and fostered enhanced level of partnership and cooperation between the stakeholders engaged in the faster socio-economic growth of India. I have demonstrated leadership skills by initiating several joint institution development activities with government which all will be honed through a formal exposure to a MPA programme at Harvard. I have dreamt and aspired lately to be a Mason Fellow and would accomplish my personal goals of doing public good with improved knowledge and competence. I seek to join a mid career management course in public administration to sharpen my ideas in consonance with the emerging National and International Economic Scenario. I strongly feel MPA under Mason Programme would provide me this opportunity to upgrade my capacity and equip me with latest management techniques. As I grow in my career I would be required to take more responsibility and be associated in major policy making issues in govt. in the country.”

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